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Why Reiter Software?

Cloud-based Technology

Using cutting-edge, custom built software, Reiter has developed a unique, unparalleled resource optimization solution for the cooking oil industry.  The COST platform is built specifically for the Used Cooking Oil industry, it’s a round peg in a round hole.

Industry-based Knowledge

With over 10 years of industry exposure Reiter knows the Used Cooking Oil industry and the needs of those in it like no one else. Our software has been built around this unrivalled knowledge and continues to evolve to more perfectly serve the industry.

Your Total Solution

Our AGILE development team listens to your feedback and is constants creating new and improved features.  With our full-time product support and new feature development team backing your organization up… you can focus on opportunities, not operations.

Digitize Your Data

Eliminate duplicate data entry and hand written route sheets while simultaneously storing your data in a secure and organized fashion.

Digitizing your data means instant access to up to date customer oil collection information from anywhere allowing your sales, customer service, and management teams to operate to their potential.

Industry-Leading Support

What good is industry-leading software without industry-leading support? Reiter software has you covered with a uniquely tailored support plan automatically included in your subscription.

We value you as a customer, and want to hear your feedback on a regular basis so that you can help guide the further evolution of the COST platform.

Save $1000's Per Year

The amount of time and money the COST platform will save your company is staggering.  Cut operating costs by several dollars per account per month (fuel, wages, equipment maintenance) through better predictive scheduling and route optimization.  The Cooking Oil Service Tier (COST) platform is a no-brainer, it costs less money than you save by using it.

About Reiter

Company History & Founder's Statement

The Reiter Companies (Reiter Consulting, Reiter Trading, Reiter Software) have been dedicated to the success of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collectors and BioFuel producers since 2007.

For over ten years our clients have voiced the same complaint “there just isn’t a good software platform for MY BUSINESS!!”  So, we created one.  With the input of collectors all over the country we’re proud to offer the market our Cooking Oil Service Tier (COST) platform.

We truly believe that the products coming out of our software division allow ANYONE to run their cooking oil collection business like a seasoned pro.  Give us a call, give it a try, and take your business to the next level.

Reiter Founder & CEO, Kristof Reiter

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