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October 4, 2018


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A digital solution for Used Cooking Oil Secure Container Codes, Gate Lock Codes, Key Codes

Do your Accounts have gates or locking containers?  How do you remember what key to use?  Which Lock Code? Password? Combo?  Relax.   The Cooking Oil Service Tier (C.O.S.T.) stores your gate codes, key codes, lock codes, and any other account specific codes in an encrypted data base and then provides that information to your drivers in the field as needed.

The codes, keys, passwords, and gate codes associate with your Used Cooking Oil accounts can be hard to manage.  With C.O.S.T., the codes stay stored (encrypted) in the cloud and are displayed to the driver only when they are out doing their job.  No more papers floating around, getting spilled on, crumpled up, going who knows where.  Whether you need to store the combination to the gate, or the container, we have you covered.  Simply enter the codes needed to service the account into the Account Details, and wha-la, your done, that’s it.  It’s that simple.  The drivers now have this information when it’s needed.  No phone calls, no insecure printed routes sheets containing sensitive information.  Why do it any other way?

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