Grease Trap Pumping, Routing, ERP Software

Grease Trap Pumping ERP Software

The Grease Trap Pumping ERP and Truck Routing System from Reiter Software sets the bar for all others to follow.  With integrated heavy vehicle routing, account scheduling, and California compliant record-keeping, what’s not to like?

The Grease Trap Pumping (GTP) ERP platform allows Used Grease Trap Pumpers to scale-up, optimize, and professionalize their operation quickly, seamlessly, and at a fraction of the cost of additional office personnel.

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Version 1.X Features (Fall 2019 Release)

The Grease Trap Pumping ERP (GRP-ERP) offers integrated service interval prediction, route planning, multi-dump scheduling, route optimization, personnel and equipment scheduling, digital (driver tablet) data capture, customer signature capture, turn by turn navigation, and collections reporting.  To learn more about the latest feature additions, check out our Company News page.


Partial feature set:

  • Service Date Tracking
  • Integrated heavy-vehicle route optimization
  • Day/Night Slip-Seat Scheduling
  • Semi-Auto, Manual, and Manual Recurring Route Creation Tools
  • Low Cost Collection Vehicle Tablets
  • 100% Digital Data Acquisition, you choose the Data Provider
  • GPS turn-by-turn Navigation
  • Reporting (Accounts, Routes, Drivers, Etc.)
  • California Compliant Record Keeping*
  • Client driven new features!  We’re adding new feature all the time!


Reduce Fuel, Maintenance, and Labor Costs  –  Utilize C.O.S.T.’s accurate service predictions and state of the art routing features to save substantial amounts of employee time, fuel, and vehicle wear and tear.


Standardize Operations  –  Project a professional image by standardizing the service process, optimizing routes, and accurately predicting upcoming service needs.


Management Tools  –  Gain valuable operational insights  and better manage assets with shared service notes, custom reporting, and GPS location mapping.


Data Security  –  We know your Used Cooking Oil Collection data is both valuable and critical to your operation.  With this in mind the C.O.S.T. platform is fully encrypted and regularly backed up.  We utilize commercial grade encrypted Amazon servers to ensure reliability.  And of course, we do not share or sell customer data.


To learn more about how Reiter Software’s “Cooking Oil Service Tier” can benefit your company or to set up a free DEMO simply call or fill out the form on our CONTACT PAGE and one of our associates will contact you with more information.  We look forward to working with you.