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August 1, 2019


Company News

Sneak Peek of the C.O.S.T Software Features

Route Optimization

The C.O.S.T. Software offers route optimization! Our smart software updates routes to choose the best one for your trucks. This includes less traffic, less gas used, faster routes, and overall more convenience for your drivers!

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

With the C.O.S.T. Software, we promise to eliminate duplicate data entry to help your company and routes be more efficient. Our smart software also eliminates the need for paper notes! With the C.O.S.T. Software, your operations will run smoother, your data will be accurate and backed up, and your company data will always be secured with us!

Reduce Fuel Usage

With our software, your routes to restaurants will be so much quicker! The C.O.S.T. Software avoids accidents, find alleys and makes your routes so much more effective. Better routes in less time means less truck fuel usage. Less fuel usage means less money your company is spending on fuel. Our software really does save more than it C.O.S.T.s!

Guarantee Data Security

We know your Used Cooking Oil Collection data is both valuable and critical to your operation!​ The C.O.S.T. platform is fully encrypted and regularly backed up. ​We utilize commercial grade encrypted Amazon servers to ensure reliability. And of course, we do not share or sell customer data.​ Your private data is safe with us!​