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October 4, 2018


Company News

Used Cooking Oil Truck Routing Improvement – Class VI Vehicles

Reiter Software is excited to announce that our routing algorithms will now preferentially route vehicles onto roads allowing DOT Class 6 or higher vehicles.  Roads and bridges with weight limits of less than 30,000 US pounds will be avoided.  Additionally, driving maneuvers such as U-turns and left hand turns across traffic have been reduced from prior versions.

We believe these changes will be of great benefit to our Used Cooking Oil and Grease Trap pumping customers who intuitively know to do these things but who did not previously have an affordably priced route optimization options specific to their business that took these vehicle specific requirements into accounts.

Remember, it’s called “COST” for a reason!  Class IV Truck optimized routing, just one more way we’re driving down the COST of running your Cooking Oil Recycling business.

To learn more, contact our team from our contact page!  Find out how our C.O.S.T. platform can solve your Used Cooking Oil Truck Routing needs!